WyzAnt Interview

Interview with WyzAnt (Marketplace & Tutoring Platform)

In our article on Top Online Tutoring Platforms, we compared different online tutoring platforms and marketplaces. WyzAnt is a popular tutoring marketplace and online platform for both online and in-person tutors.

As many tutors may not be familiar with this type of service, we reached out to WyzAnt for an interview. If you're interested in how other tutors use WyzAnt and how online tutors compare to offline tutors, there are some great insights in this interview.



Can you give a brief overview of WyzAnt for those tutors who are unfamiliar with your service (or who are unfamiliar with marketplaces in general)?

Founded in 2005, and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, WyzAnt is the world’s leading network of private tutors, helping more students, in more places than anyone else. With expert tutors across hundreds of subjects like math, test prep, foreign languages, and more, we make private tutoring accessible and affordable, in person and online.

What feature do tutors tell you they love the most about your service?

Of all the things tutors appreciate, we hear three more than most.

The first is we make it easy to connect with students. We handle all of a tutor’s digital marketing needs and help them connect with students who are looking for help in the area(s) that the tutor specializes in.

Secondly, we erase the headache of dealing with payment for lessons - a lesson can only take place after students put payment information on file, and tutors receive payment via direct deposit.

Tutors also frequently share their appreciation for the way students can rate every lesson, which helps them gain momentum for attracting new students.

For tutors who are considering tutoring online, how easy is it to start using WyzAnt’s online platform (see screenshot to the right) and why should they consider it compared to using Skype or Google Hangouts?WyzAnt Online Tutoring Platform

It’s incredibly easy! Once a tutor is certified through WyzAnt, it only takes 60 seconds to verify your camera and browser.
Besides face-to-face video chat, our platform includes a shared whiteboard, file uploader, and tools for graphing and editing high-level math equations. Our online tutoring experience makes it feel like you’re in the same room.

WyzAnt lists both local and online tutors. How does the demand for online tutors compare to local tutors?

The demand for in-person tutoring is very high - adoption and demand for our online tutoring platform is rapidly growing. In addition to providing a way to enable students and tutors to easily and quickly connect for a last-minute lesson, students are also using the tool to supplement in-person lessons.

We keep seeing other websites stating that online tutors generally earn far less per hour than local tutors. Is that true?

That’s perhaps the biggest misconception of online tutoring. Some tutors do lower their rate since online tutoring saves them time and gas money, but the rest find it just as easy to recruit online students while charging normal rates.

When you look at the most successful tutors who use WyzAnt, what patterns do you notice in how they attract students or manage their profile?

Many tutors are capable of teaching a wide array of subjects. The most successful ones stick to a few. The more subjects you include in your profile, the harder it is to keep it concise. If it’s confusing or too long, parents and students will pass.
The best tutors are good at personalizing messages to how they can help a student with specific problems instead of what they’ve done previously. They are also prompt when responding to email messages (some respond in an less than two hours on average).
Once they begin working with students, these tutors actively requesting reviews. This is a great way to build your tutoring brand and key to attracting new students.

WyzAnt Tutors

Based on successful tutors you’ve seen using WyzAnt, what advice do you have for tutors to reach more potential students and convince students to book in a lesson?

The number one thing tutors can do is be proactive. Don’t just wait for students to message you. Apply for jobs (where students request a tutor), and a lot of them. That first student is always the hardest to get.
When in discussions with potential students, ask questions about their goals and struggles so you can personalize your message to how you can help them.
The best long-term strategy is to meet potential students in person before ever charging for a lesson. Having a good connection between tutor and student is the top factor for 90% of parents, and meeting first is the best way to instill confidence.

What WyzAnt feature can benefit tutors in ways that aren’t obvious until tutors start using it?WyzAnt Mobile App

Our mobile app. Having an app where tutors can submit lessons and message current and potential students means they can complete their administrative tasks on the go, leaving more time for lesson planning.

Any other tips or advice for tutors in general?

For tutors with existing students, joining the WyzAnt platform can help them relieve administrative headaches. Tutors who bring their own students keep 95% of every lesson - so they can save time while also making themselves more appealing to new students through increased reviews.


Thanks to WyzAnt for this interview. It's great to see a fully featured service like this available for tutors around the world.

You can find out more about tutoring with WyzAnt here.

Key lessons for tutors from this interview:

  • The demand for in-person tutors is high and the demand for online lessons is rapidly growing
  • In-person tutors can use online tools to supplement their lessons
  • Online tutors can earn the same rate as in-person tutors
  • Focus on a narrow range of subjects to stand out from the crowd
  • Be proactive - seek out students, ask for reviews and get involved

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