These are our favorite tools for building and growing a tutoring business that we use and recommend. We will be constantly adding useful tools so be sure to register as a free subscriber for updates on useful tools.

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Your Online Presence

To succeed in the long run as a tutor, you will want to build a strong presence online. More and more people now search for tutors online so this is becoming far more important every day. That's why we created a comprehensive course on online marketing. If you're serious about growing your tutoring business, we recommend checking our course out.

If you're looking for some basic resources to help you out with your online marketing, here are some resources we recommend:

Building a Website

An effective website should be the main focus of your marketing strategy. Out of all the strategies and methods we've tested and experimented with over the years, an effective website always wins hands down.

Have a website built for you by professionals: we've partnered up with professional web developers to offer tutors an affordable way to have your own website. This is the best option for tutors wanting to focus on tutoring which getting the benefits of a well designed website.

Get your own website here

Build it yourself: A website hosting service is required to create a website on your own. There are plenty of companies available and the all offer more or less similar features. We recommend either Bluehost or Hostgator. The cheapest plan on either host should be suitable for most tutors.

WordPress: Once you have a hosting plan set up, you can build your website. We recommend WordPress as it is the largest website publishing platform currently available. A large majority of websites you see and use every day use WordPress (we use it). It's free and has a massive community constantly improving it and adding new features.

  • WordPress: Information on WordPress, support and downloads
  • Free WordPress themes: a 'theme' is the overall design and layout used for your website. Check out these free themes and pick one you like. There are plenty of free and premium themes online so search around to find one that suits you
  • Thesis theme: this is an incredibly popular premium theme (meaning it isn't free)
  • Genesis theme: another popular premium theme with a lot of features and flexibility

WordPress Alternatives: While we highly recommend WordPress, there are other options. Here are some to try out if you feel WordPress isn't right for you.

  • SquareSpace: Mobile-optimized websites and hosting in one plan
  • Joomla: very similar to WordPress and has a large community
  • Drupal: very similar to WordPress or Joomla

If you're looking for a 100% free option to build and host your website - don't. The saying 'you get what you pay for' definitely applies to websites. Don't be fooled into using free website builders and hosting. They might look appealing, but all the options we've seen are low quality and cause a range of problems.

Email List

Email lists are a powerful way to give your students extra value outside of lessons as well as attract new students. Many tutors are still unaware of how valuable email lists can be to their tutoring businesses. We'll be creating a lot of guides and tutorials on using email lists as we've seen incredible results with them.

Providers: an email list provider helps you manage your list of contacts, sends out bulk emails along with a wide range of other features and tools.

  • MailChimp: A low cost (they have a great free plan) option with very easy to use tools. We use MailChimp with our free subscribers
  • AWeber: a more popular alternative to MailChimp used by a vast majority of professionals and marketers online

Keep in mind that an email list provider is very different to something like Gmail. An email list provider manages your email to a specific group of people.

Social Media

Social media can be an incredibly powerful way to reach new students and stay in contact with your current students. There are countless options and tools out there and we will gradually look at all of them in our guides and articles. Here are some tools worth checking out.

Managed platforms: while you could write posts directly in Facebook or Twitter, a way to make the job far easier is to use a managed platform. You can schedule posts, deal with interactions across different accounts and handle everything from one screen. The only managed platform we recommend at the moment is Hootsuite.


Running Your Business

There are countless productivity tools available to make running your tutoring business easier. We will explain how to use many of these in our articles so for now, here are some worth checking out.

  • Evernote: throw out your filing cabinet and use Evernote to store and manage all student notes, invoices, lesson plans, etc. If you're using pen and paper to plan out lessons or keep notes on your students, we highly recommend Evernote.
  • Dropbox: Sync files between all your computers, your mobile devices, and even share files with your students
  • Google Drive: Create and store documents, including spreadsheets, word processing, and presentations completely online
  • Drive Template Gallery: Don't pay for form templates other websites sell. You can find good quality templates for invoices, student evaluations and planners. If you need a template for your business, check these out


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